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A place of historical importance, having seeded the roots  for the Sepoy Mutiny in the struggle for Indian independence & bore the thrones of the proud Pallavas, Cholas & Nayakkars, the Fort city- Vellore shines in its own pride. The Government of Tamil Nadu passed the GO no.:257, on the health and family welfare date 26/07/2000, to start a Government Medical College in the city of Vellore.
As per the GO no.:344, on the health and family welfare date 26/09/2000, the buildings, machineries, materials and workers of the Vellore district Pentland hospital & the Adukkamparai TB Welfare Centre, which is 8 km away from the Pentland Hospital, were brought under the control of the Directorate of Medical Education(DME) from the Director General of Medicine & Rural Welfare.
The MCI rules that were in force stated that the Hospital and Medical College can be situated at a maximum distance of 8kms. On the basis of this rule, the Government decided the Vellore Pentland to function as the hospital at the Adukkamparai TB Welfare Centre to function as the temporary college for first year MBBS. The GO no.:23 was passed on health and family welfare date 29/01/2001 and Rs.99.8 lakhs was allocated for the reconstruction of the buildings.
To construct a permanent Medical College, Kazhinjur Lake, Munthirikaadu, Ariyur Cooperative Society, Murukkeri- in the outskirts of Vellore were surveyed. But at last according to the convention that both the Medical College and the Hospital need to be situated in the same place, THE ADUKKAMPARAI TB WELFARE CENTRE on the Cuddalore- Chithoor Highways Km 169/8, in an area of 37.53 acres was chosen.
Initially to build a Hospital with 300 beds, GO no.:220 was passed on the health and family welfare date 19/11/2002 and Rs.5 crores was allocated towards it. On 04/02/2003, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu aid the foundation stone. On 21/01/2004, the Out-Patient Department(OPD) was shifted from Government Pentland Hospital to the Government Vellore Medical College Hospital Campus, Adukkamparai, Vellore-11.
The Hospital construction was started in Nov., 2003 and finished in Nov., 2004.On 08/12/2004, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu inaugurated the opening ceremony and the Hospital started to function with all necessary facilities
The consent of Affiliation to the Dr.M.G.R. Medical University was issued on 24/08/2004.

For the construction of various buildings for the Medical College and Hospital and for drinking water supply, a sum of Rs.51.32 crores was allocated on the basis of TN GO no.:376 & 377, health and family welfare date 16/11/2004. For the purchase of wooden furniture, instruments, motor vehicles and books, GO no.:385 was passed on the same day and Rs.15.39 crores was allocated.
The Medical Council of India(MCI) inspected the Medical College on the dates- 16,17,18/12/2003 and 20,21/12/2004, and granted the letter of indent for the admission of 100 Medical students. (MCI-34(41)2004- Med 23524 Dt. 24/02/2005).
Again on 20,21/05/2005, the MCI inspected the College and granted the letter of permission for the admission of 100 students on 01/07/2005
No.:U 12012/71/2004-ME(P-11)Govt. Of India,
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,
Department of Health,
Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi,
Dated 1st July,2005.
From the beginning of the construction work of Government Vellore Medical College Hospital till the admission of 100 students,
in the field of Medicine,
Along with 40 Associate Professors, 120 Assistant Professors, 294 Nurses and 305 other workers, the Hospital began to function.
On 01/08/2005, first year MBBS Inaugaral Ceremony and Students admission was conducted
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